By Angu Lesley
Football Writer,

Figuil FC,Buffle Noir,Etoile Filante and Gazelle FA all registered wins in match-day six of the North Regional Championship.

Mayo Rey FC unfortunately absented from their game against Faro FFC.

Figuil FC 3⃣➖1⃣ Football Pilote

Renaissance FC 1⃣➖2⃣ Buffle Noir

Étoile Filante 2⃣➖1⃣ Scorpion FC

National FC 1⃣➖1⃣ Soleil SA

Mil Rouge FC 0⃣➖0⃣ Espérance FC

Gazelle FA 3⃣➖1⃣ Roumde Adjia FC

Faro FFC- 🆚 Mayo Rey FC. (Mayo Rey FC absent)

Wednesday 18/03/2020
Sagaie FC 🆚 Jeunesse FC


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