In the wake of what has become the most eventful week in the life of coach Emmanuel Ndoumbe Bosso following his kidnap and release by individuals yet to be identified,his appointment as coach of Cotonsport of Garoua and the declaration of the ownership rights of his service by YOSA.

In the heart of all this, decided to write this little piece because on a serious note we believe Football is a business which requires tact.

On a serious note I think YOSA needs some guides on managing this issue. Being tactful here is key for the going concerned of the club.

The most important issue here is the club’s going concern,no individual is greater than a club; Yohan Cryuiff,Rivaldo,Ronaldo,Carles Puyol,Ronaldinho,Etoo Samuel and you name them left but Barca remains a great club.

Five possible guides to the management and Supporters of the club.

1) Name someone within or that knows the club as interim assistant coach but he must be a young person or their friend to the players so as to easily get the players ticking. for example;

1)Nkamfu Killah Gilbert(Player & ass. Coach)


Ngwa Remy

Second advice

2)Have no or mininal media outing on the issue.

3)Agree a confidentiality deal with Ndoumbe Bosso (Like Manchester United have with Jose Mourinho).
Meaning for his image,that of YOSA and Cotonsport he shouldn’t comment on his transfer to the media.

4)Have a crisis meeting with the players and tell them Ndoumbe Bosso is not coming back to the club.This will provide them with enough facts to move on with life.You can’t keep an unhappy coach that fans had been clamouring for his dismissal.

5)Sort it out amicably with Ndoumbe Bosso and Cotonsport and move on because you all are in the same industry and all firms here collaborate for faster growth.

6)Think about the way forward without Ndoumbe Bosso,you can’t keep an unhappy coach.

7)If there is a buyout clause in Ndoumbe Bosso’s contract with YOSA,then parties involved should activate it and the coach leaves with everyone’s blessings. “If we don’t separate we can’t enjoy the sweetness of meeting again”

Writing about Ndoumbe Bosso’s contract situation and publishing in my view is a blunder,I can’t explain further but I know solving some issues sometimes don’t require talking to the world even if the issues affect the world. For example if one wants to be FECAFOOT president you campaign to delegates who have voting rights and not all Cameroonians.

God bless the progress of Cameroon football and I pray we learn more from the whiteman’s land.


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