By Giovanni Wanneh
Football Writer,Cameroon

Bessong Maxwell, the president of PWD Kumba told in their base at Talma hotel in Bertoua that, the people of the Southwest region have sincerely disappointed and left him to work only with the Regional bureau of FECAFOOT.

This is coming at a time when an initiative was launched by a couple of goodwill individuals but the population have been lackluster when it concerns aiding the team.

The president mentioned: “PWD is for now faring well, but I have a problem in the sense that the Southwest have not proved to PWD that they are their representatives”.

Since we left Kumba to Limbe people have not been reacting, but for the FECAFOOT bureau. FECAFOOT helped us in the friendlies and even sent some people to travel with us”.

I am not happy with the Southwest population. I can now say it is PWD Kumba and not PWD Southwest. Everything has been going like wrong, wrong, wrong. If not of the fact that we are determined as SW champions to qualify for the league 1 and 2 we would have backed out”.

Sincerely, we need that push. If you are going for a trip and your brothers and sisters help you, then you cannot stumble“.

The Southwest region are currently without a team in the league 1 and 2, which is absolutely a shame for a region that has done much for the national and international scene.

PWD of Kumba enter the competition on Wednesday with a clash against host Stade Bertoua

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