France lays claim to the iphotower, Britian to Elizabeth tower’s bell, but cutting across the Mount Kilimanjaro to the sacret valley’s and Hill top’s of central Africa, one gem is left standing tall.

The mount Cameroon is held with high esteem in and around the continent, reason why the nation decided more than 2 decades to grace the mountain with an unorthodox form of athletics.

Several historic sites in the nation are silent when the god’s of the mount Cameroon roars. Due to the blood and sweat of the race proper, the race of hope needed a proper testing process to separate the grain from the the dust.

It took place on Saturday the 19th, with a lazy dark cloud trotting over the atmosphere. The turnout can be described as unusual, as the Molyko stadium felt the strong breeze on empty sits. About 10 heads who were either affiliated to the athlete’s or just maybe out of desperation wanted to Know what was going on in “the hopeful test, of the race of hope”.

The Governor’s representative : Tangwa Stephanus said ‘the race is to promote national unity and national solidarity’.

As the Athlete’s came back from the Mountain’s belly (intermediate stages), it was about 9:20 am.

Out of 156 men who fantasized on winning and qualifying for the ultimate price, three names in the male category were omnipresent, and omniscient amongst which were ; Simplice Ndongeh, Lambi Elijah and son of Serah Etonge “the mountain deity”- Samuel Esombe Lyonga Respectively.

It was quite frustrating for most, as they stated the difficulties they face in training due to the socio-political brouhaha rocking the two Anglophone regions, and also the surplus green grass roaming in the confines of the mountain.

The Cosmopolitan area of Molyko remained unimpressed, as the runners came in their numbers. It is tagged a successful event by organizers, but has the Mount Cameroon race of hope, lost hope? It remains to be seen on the 23rd of February which is the race proper.

Giovanni Wanneh