President Alim Konate

By Giovanni Wanneh

Sports Writer, – Cameroon

Head of the Technical Transitional committee Aboubakar Alim Konate after watching the zero-all parity pitting USD against Canon, spoke about some key issues to including: the return of the Melong Municipal Stadium, New Stars condemnation and the upcoming contract with Coq Sportive.

After having suspended the Melong Municipal Stadium for deplorable pitch condition, Alim Konate told reporters on Sunday that the stadium is on its way back: “we asked for stadiums of the highest quality. A stadium like Melong would be put back to use in no distant time because they have followed our requirements,” Konate voiced. The home ground of Stade Renard of Melong was suspended after the ugly scenes from the stadium in the earlier stages of the campaign.

Konate mentioned that he is indeed happy with Astres who have settled to play, while mentioning the no return of New Stars in league 1 and equally in league 2.

“New Stars does not want to play in the division in which they deserve. I respect their decision. The federation has taken a clear decision on this case.”

“For Astres, I am delighted that they have decided to start playing once more. I respect their decision. The federation has taken a clear decision on this case.”

Alim Konate who is trying to eradicate a common malpractice continued echoed “my philosophy is: everything including results has to be obtained on the pitch, and I prefer champions in the field rather than in the offices.”

When a question of homologation was posed, Alim Konate said: “six match days have been homologated in league 1 and the others would be homologated on Tuesday.”

Mister Aboubakar Alim Konate then put the final nail on the coffin with reporters insisting on the question of New stars “it is not possible for New Stars to come back. We are going to CAS in Lausanne, and there’s no doubt about it,” the Transitional Committee boss ended.

Konate had this to say about the pending contract with Coq Sportive: “it is a contract that would be signed on January 10th, letters of approval have been signed already.”

The stint of the Technical Transitional Committee has been really rough with cases of the desperate variety. But it has been so far, so good for the stakeholders who have kept going without stoppages.


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