Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand is in Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala this weekend. His visit to the country of football greats like Samuel Etoo and Roger Milla, is the on invitation of global brewery company, Guinness.

Rio Ferdinand first announced his trip to Cameroon on his official Twitter page on Friday, where he posted a video of him at the Heathrow Airport, with the caption “En Route to Camroon, see you in soon Douala”

Then on Saturday morning, he took to facebook, to confirm his presence in Douala, a picture of in Cameroon’s economic capital, where he wrote “I Love Africa”. Pleasure to be welcomed in Cameroon with the #FansMadeofMore Team
He also paid homage to Cameroon’s great football achievements. He wrote “Great footballing history here in Cameroon, Roger Milla and Co gave England a scare in the 1990 world cup. “This was accompanied by a video in which Rio said from the airport to here, a lot of people, men, and children play football on the streets. I have never seen anything like this. This place has great history. Samuel Etoo where are you, Roger Milla where are you. I am goona try and find some fans of made of more.”

While in Cameroon, Rio will also visit some of Douala’s passionate footballers, to share his own football tips and experience with them. He will also attend a Guinness BlackNight, where he will be able to experience the Cameroonian culture and he will watch a Live English Premier league match with a group of fans who have a chance to be there.

Rio spend 12 years at Manchester United, winning six premier league titles, one champions league, three league cups.

Exactly a year ago former Arsenal and France football legend Thierry Henry was in Yaounde for a similar event.

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