Any kid wishing to prosper in the number ‘9s’ position would have a thing or two to learn from the from the most decorated African player,Samuel Eto’o Fils from Cameroon.

The center-forward was a nightmare to some of the best defenders in the African continent, and without a shadow of doubt, the goal-hunter deserves his 18 goals at the AFCON, (making him the highest goal scorer in the competition).

These are the teams Eto’o liked scoring against in the most occasions;

6 goals- Togo, Mauritius Island

3 goals- Egypt, Angola and Sudan

2 goals – Ivory coast, Tunisia, Nigeria, Benin, DRC, Zambia, Guinea, Gabon and Morocco

1 goal – Algeria, Somalia, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Liberia and Cape- vert

A whopping total of 45 goals against African opponents, meaning the other 9 was against countries out of Africa.

Samuel Eto’o played his last game for Cameroon in the 2014 world cup in the defeat to Mexico, and after the competition, he announced his retirement_and he did so as the countries highest goal scorer.

Giovanni Wanneh.