By Giovanni Wanneh

Sports Writer, Cameroon

67-year-old itinerant ambassador for African causes and former Cameroon international Albert Roger Milla has made it clear in a recent media outing that, he is giving his full support to Mr. Pierre Semengue and his ostracized bureau.

Read Cameroon’s all-ime leading goalscorer at the World Cup: ” FECAFOOT is preparing to seize power from the President of the Republic through football and am not in support”, “red faced” Milla told reporters.

The back-and-forth tussle between the countries professional football league with the french accronym (LFPC) and Cameroon’s FA with french accronym (FECAFOOT) has been ongoing since July 26, after the extraordinary assembly, when FA president Prince Seidou Mbobo Njoya annulled the Cameroon professional league’s bureau.

Former army General Mr. Pierre Semengue was elected during the elective General Assembly of of 28, July 2016 has a mandate that runs till July 27, 2020 but has become very unpopular today even the the eyes of some of those who elected him.

General Pierre Semengue on Tuesday, August 3rd summoned the press and gave 3 important points: “I have a legitimate mandate that runs till July 27, 2020 and I would defend it”.

I cannot accept to be bought”, that’s after denying the post of honorary president of FECAFOOT.

“The first vice president went to Douala to corrupt club presidents without success”.

As at this moment, FECAFOOT has put in place a technical transitional committee that would last for 2 years, led by the first vice president of FECAFOOT, Aboubakar Alim Konate. understands that General Pierre Semengue is ready to take the case to the highest judicial level, if need be but FECAFOOT is winning more fans through their actions in relations to the league which has not improved under the LFPC.

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