Lesotho Defence Force Football Club

By Angu Lesley
Football Writer,kick442.com Cameroon

Sources in Lesotho are reporting that over 20 players of the Lesotho Defence Force Football club have been hospitalized.

There has been no official communication about the cause of the disturbing health situation for the players and some members of the technical staff.

Local sources say, the personnels in a worrying health condition may have suffered from food poisoning.

The club’s players and other members of staff are believed to have eaten from a local food join over the weekend.

Lesotho Defence Force Football Club players

Those affected have been seen vomiting, sweating abnormally and complaining of headache at the Makoanyane hospital.

The club’s spokesman Mr Donny Ntakha has confirmed reports of the worrying health situation without stating the cause.

The club’s match day 8 game against kick4life has been postponed and the players continue to receive medical attention.

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