The opening game of the 2019 league two championship in Cameroon pitting Canon Sportive of Yaoundé and Panthere sportive of Nde has failed to take place, just four days after Eding sports and Yong sport academy failed to show up for the league one’s opener.

The match that was scheduled for 3.30PM this Wednesday January 30, 2019, saw just Canon Sportive of Yaoundé taking part in the pre-match warm up session, as panthere sportive though allegedly present in Yaoundé, did not turn up for the encounter. In the buildup to the game, there were already reports of Panthere not having licenses for their players. Few minutes after Canon rounded off their pre-match warm up and were back in the dressing room, confirmations came from a member of the communication desk of the Cameroon professional football league, Jean Marie Nkoussa indicating the game has been postponed to Saturday.

More information will then follow that the Cameroon football federation has strike a compromise with the conflicting parties, for the effective resumption of the Cameroon professional football league (league one and two) on Saturday February 2m 2019, with two matches on schedule. The match Eding versus YOSA that failed to take place last Saturday in league one and that pitting Canon and panthere, in league two. While the rest of day one matches will be played on Sunday February 3, 2019 for league one and Tuesday February 5m for league two.

As part of the measures to resolve the crisis between the syndicate of elite club’s in Cameroon and the Cameroon professional football league, an ad hoc committee created by FECAFOOT during a tripartite meeting on January 3, 2019, met in their first session this Wednesday January 30, at the FECAFOOT head office in Tsinga, Yaounde. The meeting chaired by the first vice president of FECAFOOT, Aboubakar Alim Konate and attended by representatives from the Syndicate of elite clubs, those of the professional football league and the ministry of sports, came out with seven resolutions, with resolution number three, announcing the General assembly of the league for February 28, 2019. The holding of the general assembly before the start of the league has been one of the major demands of SYCEC, though it is now increasingly certain that the league will kick off before the general assembly later on.
The fourth resolution of the ad hoc committee also decided to maintain the format of promoting and relegating clubs in the league one and two, meaning three teams will be relegated from both leagues, and three promoted.

Should the league effectively kick off on Saturday, it will mark an end to the close to seven months of recess, since the last championship ended. This comes after just four out of the 18 league one clubs showed up for their games last weekend.

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