UMS of Loum leapfrogged Les Astre of Douala, in what what already felt like a ‘win or leave’ situation for Laurent Djam.

The two coaches applied their tactical disposition, and went with separate ideologies; coach Laurent Djam went with a 4-3-3 formation; very slick, easy to get quick short passes, more bodies forward and it is all attack; players attack like a swamp of bee’s, from all directions while coach Laurent Djam went for a 4-5-1 formation; it is referred to as the hunch back formation, it is used to saturate the mid-field and disrupt any kind of build up play from the opponents, and with this formation, the players could be deadly on the counter.

The first segment was underway, and as early as the 4 minute of play, there were already shouts for handball from Les Astre. The referee was under great pressure as the players kept on constantly hitting the deck, and making a meal of all tackle’s; just Nicolas Owono; who people thought he was lucky to be on the pitch, and Silo Michel were booked, so it was one booking appease.

Goal keeper Colins Maifanya of Astre was put to the test a couple of times, and he managed to push away a Landry Djomo header at the end of the second half.

First half statistics


2 shots
1 yellow card
45 percent ball position
0 red cards

UMS Loum

1 yellow card
0 red card
55 percent ball position
Shots on goal: 1

Coach Laurent Djam twiked his formation and went to a 4-2-3-1 with 2 holding midfielders; Joel Etogue and Jean Nicolas covered the back four, while the team attacked from all angles.

A silly foul play by Aboubakar Mohamad of Astre just on the edge of the ‘D’ gave Bertin Nguemaleu a set piece chance but it was deflected for a corner, and the sweet foot of Vitus Amougui placed the ball on the head of a flying Cedric Landry Djomo at the 63 minute for a bullet header.

That was that, and kick442 talking with the goal scorer Djomo, he said “I thank God and dedicate this goal to him. It was something from the training ground, the coach always tells me to make sure I get in front of my marker, and get the first header”.

Les Astre still consolidate their second position, but are beginning to loose touch with Stade Renard of Melong who won their game.

Giovanni Wanneh.