Kunde Malong (AFCON2019) kick442.com images


Pierre Kunde Malong would be present in the finals of the Pierre Kunde soccer mania (his initiative) coming up this Friday, July 12, 2019 at the Limbe Centenary stadium.

It has been so far, so good from every angle of the tournament with lad’s thrilling the massive fans turning out for the match days.

After 3 match days, Best Stars Academy surprisingly are the first from the bottom with no points recorded while ANAFOOT Limbe top’s the chart with a near hundred percent record of 7 points from 3 games.

Here is the complete table after 3 match days;


In the presence of the Cameroon midfielder, fresh from representing the national team – there would be the third place playoffs and the finals proper this Friday as seen on the document below; program for the finals:

NB: the best player of this tournament as clearly outlined by the organizing committee would be sponsored by Kunde Malong in all aspects of the game and life. This is indeed a class act for the rest to follow, especially as it is being done by a youngster; July 26th makes him 24.