SSC Napoli’s Senegalese defender Kalidou Koulibaly

By Angu Lesley

Football Writer,

SSC Napoli’s Senegalese defender Kalidou Koulibaly has reopened the fight against racism with a rhetoric question, using his experience to probably reiterate on the need to abandon racial discrimination at a time when the world is still in shock about the brutal killing of a black American 48 hours ago in the Minneapolis.

The former FC Metz defender recounted his experiences, especially in Italy to TheplayersTribune.

“The first time I really experienced racism in football was against Lazio a few seasons ago. Each time I received the ball, I heard fans making a strange noise. At some point, I asked my team mates if the noise was directed towards me. Then I said to myself; these morons would never make these sounds while standing in front of me. They are in the middle of a crowd, difficult to identify them.

The Senegalese contemplated walking off the pitch, but opted stay while the fans step up their display of the unwanted attitude.

“The game continued and at some point in time, I saw the Lazio fans displaying gestures and noise common with monkeys every time I touch the ball. I was slightly distracted thought of walking off the pitch then I figured it was exactly what they wanted. I kept on asking myself; why are they doing this?Isn’t it normal to be a black man in this world?”Kalidou questioned in a recent interview TheplayersTribune.

Kalidou’s experience is common in other works of life and sad enough in football which is supposed to promote integration is a niche for the unacceptable behavior.

Fortunately, a good number of persons around the world are helping in the fight against this disgusting practice.

“After a while, the referee, Mr Irrati, stopped the game and came to me and said; Kalidou I am with you. Let’s stop these songs. If you don’t want to finish the game, let me know.” The Senegalese international revealed.

The ex-Genk sweeper has since ignored several racist chants in his six-year stint in Italy as he always response on the pitch with his usual outstanding displays.

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