Barely 72 hours afternoon hinted Intermediate Lions midfielder,Willy Stephane Nnameji,29 could be in trouble following a qualification protest against him by Eding Sport FC.

We have stumbled on a homologation and disciplinary committee documents dated 18/03/2019 indicating that the current top scorer of Cameroon League one side,Willy S. Nnameji has been suspended from the ongoing Championship for signing double request for licences. understands the forward who has scored 4 goals for Pool B leaders UMS received the sum of 4 500 000 FCFA and signed for  fellow League One side Eding Sport FC on January 17, 2018.

Our findings have it that earlier attempt to transfer the player proved abortive as UMS claimed he was still on contract but Eding Sport FC and Nnameji agreed he was to join the club in the beginning of the 2019 after his UMS deal runs out or refund Eding Sport’s money but Nnameji or UMS  did neither.

Earlier this season in a round 4 league game in Loum, Nnameji was lined up against Eding Sport causing Eding officials to indicate a qualification protest against him on the count that he falsehood.

The homologation committee document handed to us by our sources say; upon verification it was realized that Nnameji had also signed a deal with UMS in Bafang in June 2016 under the guidance of a certain Tchungno Joseph.

As a result of the above situation,the commission has taken 4 key decisions;

-That the qualification protest tabled by Eding Sport FC is Valid.

-The player named Willy Stephane Nnameji has been suspended for an unspecified duration for signing two licence request document in the the same season for different clubs.

-Tchungno Joseph has been suspended for 2 years according article 69 of FECAFOOT text on signing of false contracts.

-Eding Sport FC wins the game that ended zero all,by penalty.

The above decisions will thus affect the classification table which will be reviewed by the league management body.

This decision is the first since the transfer story of  Nnameji signing and presentation by Eding Sport FC just before the 2018 CHAN tournament in Morocco.

Angu Lesley

@AnguLesley on Twitter