After lengthy nightly crisis meetings on Saturday Evening and this Sunday morning,Astres of Douala players have been spotted in a bus in some minutes after 10 AM this Sunday as they head towards the West Region of Cameroon. understands the players have been on strike over 3 weeks due to non compliance with Standards of financial obligations on the part of the club’s administration.

It’s unclear if or not those obligations have been met this morning,but as at midnight of Saturday the players had not received the cash they are due. gathered from it’s sources in Douala that,the traveling players appeared disgruntled though it’s also unclear why that may be the case.

Early this year a source at the club,told local TV station STV Cameroon all was well at the heart of the club, but that seems to be so distant from the realities of the club as the players travel this Sunday without training for over 3 weeks. Astres face Fovu of Baham this Sunday at the Kwekom Stadium in Bafoussam.

President Kandem Dieudonne’s Astres is certainly going through tough times especially with it’s financial obligations with the players.

Angu Lesley

@angulesley on Twitter