Jules Nyongha

Jules Nyongha snubbed the chance of talking to reporters after the relegation of Unisport was confirmed in the hands of New Stars on Sunday.

The man having arguably the best CV of any coach in the country_coaching the national team in three spells:1992-1993, 1994-1996 and 2007 has not been able to safe Unisport of Bafang with poor a record of :4 games, 3 defeats, 0 goals scored and 5 conceded.

The former Union sportive of Douala coach was brought in with a short term deal by the management of Unisport to help consolidate the club’s position in top flight but the vetaran manager wasn’t successful and poured his rage on reporters on Sunday. The gesture was considered by many as not being fair play. The gaffer has led Unisport to the worst performance registered by any club in the playoffs-in both the Elite 1 and league 2.

Unisport of Bafang were scandalously dropped 3-0 in the game against New stars of Douala on Sunday June 2, which means relegation to the Elite 2.

The final game for Unisport against Fovu club is worth nothing for the side. The club can already start making her preparations for second-tier football next campaign.