By Angu Lesley
Football Writer,

Football they say have no limits,it is hard to imagine Norwegian based Cameroonian forward, Nchout Njoya Ajara is mentoring a young female footballer she has never in far away Northwest Cameroon.

Vision Sports FC forward Judith Dzemoyua, 19, has told that she is working extra hard with dreams to become as great as the Cameroon international.

The “little” 19-year-old forward is currently in her first season as a top flight championship player and believes she can go all the way in the football graph.

Judith climbed off the bench to seal Vision Sports’ two nil victory over FC Ebolowa in Wednesday’s match day 12 encounter in the Cameroon Women’s League One championship played in Bamenda.

Surprisingly when Judith scored, her team mates and the club fans who were at the Yong Sports Academy center in Bamenda were all chanting Ajara..Ajara…. Ajara.

Quizzed about the incident after the game, Judith Dzemoyua revealed her admiration for the Valerenga forward, Nchout Njoya Ajara.

Judith Dzemoyua of Vision Sports of Bamenda

“It is not the first time I heard them describe me as Ajara. Yes it is not my real name, but my friends from way back in my village always called me that name maybe because of my looks, my style of football or maybe because she is my mentor. I am motivated to work more when they do that, Nchout Ajara is my mentor, it is my dream to be as great as her”: Judith Dzemoyua told

Just like the Valerenga forward,Judith Dzemoyua bears the jersey number three (No:3) and looks like a carbon copy of her mentor both physically and in her play style cutting in from the wings to put opposing defenders in difficulty.

The goal against Ebolowa FC is her first of the season but is hopeful more will follow.

Judith Dzemoyua of Vision Sports Academy of Bamenda

“The goal is good for the confidence, we will go back home and continue to work for a better performance in future who knows it may make me lucky to meet my mentor one day”:Judith concluded

The victory distants the Northwest outfit fears of leaving the division at the end of the season but with the duty to continue working ahead of their next league outing against second placed Awa Ladies on Saturday in Bamenda.


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