Philadelphia 76ers is in pole position to get through to the NBA playoffs, and coach Brett Brown has built a team around the 24-year-old Cameroonian.

The Wells Fargo arena saw Joel Embiid in full_flight, as they have always done since he joined them in 2014.

“The process” contributed yet another 30 plus performance with his 37 points and 14 rebounds that made King LeBron leave the court even before the end of the fourth quarter. L. James finished the game with 18 points, not even close to the standards and reputation he has built over the years.

The game ended 143-120 on Sunday, and that already acts as a great build-up to the NBA ALL-STAR’S game that begins on Monday, the 18 of February.

Embiid is making his second All Stars appearance, and at the age of 24, many have tipped him to get passed the heights of retired Nigerian basketballer Hakeem Olajuwun and the Congolese; Dikembe Mutombo.

These two have an unfinished business, and LeBron James has a chance to take revenge when his team meets team Giannis Antetokounmpo; Joel’s captain in the All Stars on Monday the 18.

The All Stars game would see the Cameroonian waving Africa’s flag high, as he is the only African involved in this year’s All Stars showcase.

The basketball world would be intrigued with the squeaky sounds from Embiid’s customized sneakers, the ball being caressed on fine wood, the slam dunks, ferocious blocks, and the three pointers from down_town.

Giovanni Wanneh.