UMS of Loum’s main financial muscle Pierre Kwemo was spotted at the Military Stadium in Yaounde last Saturday.

Kwemo, the indirect president of the Club has his wife’s name Kwemo Sabine registered as the president of the club but he is mostly in charge of everything at the club with his wife rarely seen as close to the team.

Recently Mr Kwemo was handed a 1 year ban for his role in a controversial  transfer failed Saga of Willy Stephane Nnameji who tried moving from his UMS side to Eding Sport FC.

Kwemo according to the verdict of the above mentioned suspension was supposed to stay away from all football related activities for two years. 3 weeks after the verdict was pronounced the firebrand football actor was in the Stadium over the weekend giving out instructions to different persons in his team as they registered a 2 nil win over Feucheu FC.

Should he continue to attend and influence matches it may mean he is not serving the suspension that was handed him.

ANGU Lesley
@AnguLesley on Twitter