J.P Adams tore a ligament, and in an attempt to lure him to sleep for surgery, the anaesthetist gave him an overdose of anesthesia.

The unfortunate incident happened at the Edouard Herriot hospital in Lyon. This act took half life out of the player, and he now suffers from bronchospasm ; it comes when the brain is being starved of oxygen.

A $815 fine was levied on the anesthetist and trainee, including a one month suspension that was effective but couldn’t get near the pains inflicted on this one time great, and courageous center back.

The former French/Senagalese Center back, Jean Pierre Adams has been in this state for 37 years, and he would be celebrating his 71 birthday on Sunday, March 10, 2019.

The former PSG man was just too solid at the back, that in the 1970s his partnership with Marius Tresor was called ‘Le garde noire (black guard).

Every single birthday that comes and goes, his wife, Bernadette and his two sons celebrate, hoping that their father would leave the world of Coma, but as well not arrive a full stop, rather he would start a paragraph; (come back new and fresh) to them

Giovanni Wanneh.