PWD Kumba players praying before training

By Giovanni Wanneh

Football Writer, Cameroon

PWD of Kumba were 3-1 losers against Kohi club of Maroua in their second and last game of the national interpools competition.

The Southwest would stay without representatives at the level of the league 2 for 4 years running.

At the third minute of play Atabong Romuala missed PWD’s first chance after Betrand Takie set him on the plate.

At the 9th minute PWD increased the pressure and Ebile Namse found himself in the 18 yard box but hurried his shot

Betrand Takie was a menace playing through the middle for PWD of kumba but unwittingly stayed up instead of going down when fouled by Pascal Yadaroun at the 11 minute.

Takie once more had a free kick from the left but could only pull a brilliant shot from goalkeeper Yaya Ousmanou.

With all the chances going PWD’s way, it was Kohi club of Maroua to open scores after Ousmanou Hamadou caught the keeper off his line to make it 1-0 in Kohi’s favour.

Moses Itua sneaked his way from the right hand side at the 27th minute to curve one. The game came back to 1-1.

The real chance after Moses Itua had equalised fell to Stephane Florine but goalkeeper Mark Tembon replied with some, reflex to keep him out.

Stephane Florine had a free kick and nearly surprised goalkeeper Mark Tembon at the 46 minute.

At the 63 minute, forward Moussa benefitted from a loose ball to slot that ball home, making it 2-1 in favour of Kohi club.

Second half substitute George Essomba missed a chance to equalise from the far post after pouncing on Itua Moses’ free kick at the 68 minute.

Starman Moussa once more found himself in a great position at the 79 minute and made PWD Kumba pay with a slick finish.

The game towards the end was reduced to walking pace as Jacob Ibrahim missed a chance to make it four.

This is a huge blow to the Southwest and their representatives as no matter what happens in the appeal they launched against Stade Bertoua, it remains done and dusted for PWD of Kumba are out with 0 points and 9 goals conceded.

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