By Giovanni Wanneh
Football Writer,Cameroon

For the second game of the day, Northwest heavyweights Foncha Street have started with a back line that conceded just 2 goals in the regular season.

Foncha Street XI:

1, Frankline Ngeh
6, Terence Chianian
16, Abong Yvan
15, Germain Such
28, Moses Fonsah
14, David Koffi Kange
10 Njirero Durell
7, Brilant Tanwi
20, Bassa Bright
13, Jean Claude Liamo
8, Roland Abiedort

Etoile Filante of Garoua are the only side to regain their spot in the national interpools since last season.

Etoile Filante of Garoua;

16, Simon Dourga
8, Nick Rlcardo
23, Aminou Youchaou
11, Isaac Ngandal
13, Daniel Amadou
14, Emmanuel Bilonga
15, Mathiew Samo Bekoo
10, Dominique Biangbah
7, Maruis Kalgon
20, Galdjio Hassana
9, Ibrahim Mahamat

It is a game of the solid rocks (Foncha Street), against the big money spenders (Etoile Filante FC). Mercure of Bafia are watching on with some interest as they are exempted from this match day.

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