The organizers of under 20 ICC African qualifiers in Uganda decided to share a point each after the game was abandoned due to serious rain at the venue and the pitch was unplayable and

A match can be “abandoned” if weather or other conditions prevent any play from occurring at all. If the bowler of the first over of play has not started his/her runup when the officials decide to abandon play then the result is termed ‘abandoned without a ball being bowled’. Such a game is not included in official statistical records.

Before July 2004, the same result occurred if the toss had been taken but the match was abandoned before a ball was bowled. Since 2004, the International Cricket Council for International matches has decreed that a match where the toss takes place but which is abandoned without a ball being bowled is either a draw or (for a limited-overs match) a no result. Such games are now included in statistical records, counting, for example, as a game played by the teams and nominated players.

The same incidence happened in the match between Kenya and Botswana.

The Yellow Green will play their next game looking for victory as they continue their quest to become one the first two teams to qualify.

Uche Dozie
Twitter: uchedozie