The game of soccer was introduced in Africa in the late 19th century by Europeans.
The game is first played in the continent in 1862. It is believed that the spread of the sport is very quickly via mission schools, military forces and railways.

South Africa was one of the first nation’s to embrace the game before 1900 alongside Egypt and Algeria.

Savages FC (Pietermaritzburg, south Africa) and Gezira SC are presently the oldest African Football Clubs existing.
The football outfits were first put together in 1882, seconded by Alexandria SC,1890 and CAL Oran of Algeria, 1897.

Football began gaining growns in central Africa by 1930’s with clubs like Canon of Yaounde and TKC coming to life then.

Today,the game is regulated by the continent’s the sole governing body” Confederation of African Football (CAF).
Through CAF African teams have the possibility to take part in six major competitions including the FIFA world cup and the continent’s most prestigious football fiesta, the African cup of Nations.

Youth and women’s football is on a speedy rise in the continent but many of the soccer players are still exploited by their agents.

Whatever be the case,a long list of African Footballers like Bruce Grobelar,Samuel Etoo,Abega Theoephile,Rabah Madja,Victor Ikpeba have all made their marks in the football world.

Nkenyi Romeo