Nkuissi Thomas Legrand speaking to kick442.com after the win over AS FAP

Nkuissi Thomas LeGrand has been head and shoulders above expectations this season, playing at a top level and he once more proved what a leader he is, helping Stade Renard to their first title aged 23.

The lad come to terms with the harsh reality that his former teammate, Tayiwoh Princewill wasn’t amongst those celebrating. Before recalling that the former goalie is no more, the skipper thanked God_“I thank God because this year has been a year of mongo. Our neighbours UMS won the championship, we have won the cup by the grace of God. We scored, let them equalize before we led again by three and FAP scored 1 and there was panic with my teammates.God wanted very well that this trophy follows us – all we can do is thank God”.

“The force of the team was the coaches word’s”.

When a kick442.com member posed him the question of how he felt without Tayiwoh, LeGrand answered with difficulty- “truly from the onset the cup was our objective for our brother. I feel bad when I remember the good times we had, that it hurts me. He was a friend, he was a brother. We passed days and nights together. We can only ask God to look after him where he is at the moment”.

Tayiwoh Princewill joined Stade Renard in January 2018 from Victoria United and in his first season at the club he was mostly room mate with Nkuissi Thomas Legrand on days before matches but unfortunately died on the 28th May 2019 after a brief illness.

Stade Renard of Melong became the 25th team to win the Cameroon cup in the occasion of the 60th occasion.