Current Qatar Sports club striker and arguably one of Africa’s greatest of all-time Samuel Eto’o was perhaps caught-up with over teenage excitement and as a result, had a child out of wedlock back in 1997.

Reports in Spain say the AFCON record goal scorer Samuel Eto’o has been instructed by a court in Madrid to pay a monthly sum of 1,400 euros, equivalent to a staggering sum of 919,000 FCFA to a 19-year-old girl named Erika do Rosario Neves.

The young lady in question is the daughter of a certain Spanish beauty, Adilensa do Rosario Neves whom Eto’o had an affair with then aged 16, in his precocious start experiencing only his second time at a professional; Leganes, on loan from Madrid in the 1997/1998 season.

Samuel Eto’o is currently the richest active African player with countless Ambassadorial positions for country and continent but 1,400 euros a month can make the ‘river’ dry up for anyone.