Yango Grace

The camp of the Lionesses is buzzing not only for the upcoming game that would be played against Netherlands on Saturday but the queue of birthdays celebrated in quick succession. The 7th was Henriette Michelle Akaba Edoa’s Birthday, on Monday it was the birthday of Deborah Enganamouit and today, third choice goal keeper, Marthe Ongmahan, Grace Yango, and striker Michaela Abam are cutting the cake of life.

Third choice goal guard, Marthe Ongmahan is celebrating her 27th birthday today.

Marthe Ongmahan

She just falls short to the experience of Annette Ngo Ndom and the athleticism of Isabelle Mabingo. However, representing a football powerhouse like Cameroon at any category remains a huge success.

Grace Ngock Yango is celebrating her 26-year of existence today.

Yango Grace

She was amongst the squad in the 2015 Women’s world cup that got to the round of 16. The powerful Central defensive midfielder is noted for stopping opposing players in their tracks, and breaking up plays that may lead to goals. Yango was paired with Raissa Feudjio in the loss against Canada but she had an impressive game from the middle of the park.

Michaela Abam, 22 today, can only get better as she has already shown full glimpses of a complete hunter and 12 yards (box), a real master of her art. The striker must be itchy to get her world cup campaign underway after missing out on the first game against Canada due to a minor injury.

Abam leads the attack for those celebrating their birthdays today in the land. The Texas Rush neighborhood kid is yet to play a competitive game for national outfit but has scored 9 goals in 6 appearances in friendlies and pre world cup tourneys.