By John Kwesi Arthur

Football Writer,

Ghana Football Association has released the full program for 2019-2020 league Season

The program includes men’s premier league, division one league, women’s premier league and both men and women FA Cups.

On the program, men’s premier league will start from the weekend of December, 27, 28, 29 and 30, 2019 to Sunday July 19, 2019

Division one league will commence on the weekend of January, 10 to 13, 2020 and end on the weekend of July 10 to 13, 2020

Men’s FA Cup prelims begins on Friday, 24th Jan, 2020

Women’s premier league will also start from January 17 to June,19, 2020
And finally, the women’s FA Cup prelims is set to begin on Friday 6 March.

Below is the full program:

The full program

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