Cameroonian NBA prospect Aristides Mouafa

By Beng Emmanuel
Sports Writer, -Cameroon

Cameroonian NBA prospect Aristides Mouafa is one of the most remarkable basketball talents truly on the rise to achieving celestial recognition. Though young, the teenage NBA prospect is capable of dishing out tons of assist during a game and score a lot of points.

The 19-year-old point guard recently revealed to state media, CRTV, how his family persuaded him to switch from football where he impressed to basketball where he has develop growing interest to rise higher.

“I use to play soccer when I was younger and honestly I was really good at it. But at the time both of my brothers were playing basketball, so they convinced me with the help of my mother to try basketball and that was the beginning”, the teenage point guard mentioned.

Aristides Mouafa who became an NBA prospect two years ago after a scintillating performance at the Adidas Next Generation tournament with AS Stella Azzurra, admits he owes his breakthrough in the sport to his family especially his brother.

Aristides Mouafa in action

“I like sports in general because I am a guy full of energy and sports helps me use it in a positive way. I choose basketball because of my brother. He is my big idol in the sport. He taught me the basics of the sport and always use to push me through the limits. He’s my inspiration”.

The rising NBA star gifted with extreme athletism and quickness is one of the most explosive uprising players who is gradually developing into a very solid point guard. His superb ball control and one handed no-look pass is impressive as he remains an incredible talent to watch on the court.

Cameroonian NBA prospect Aristides Mouafa

Aristides Mouafa draws inspiration from Real Madrid’s point guard Facundo Campazzo and Anadolu Efes Deshane Davis Larkin both Euro league players. Their aggressiveness and abilities to score from any spot on the court he disclosed, has given him much zeal to compete at the highest level. But representing Cameroon also remains a top priority for the young point guard.

“I always dream about the NBA but European basketball is great as well. For me both Euro league and NBA are my goals. Am really working hard for them”, the young lad said.

“It is an honor for every athlete in the world to represent his country. For me it will be great to represent my country at the World Cup or even African Championships” gathered.

Aristides Mouafa displays trophies

The Italian based basketballer is bracing up to make a name for himself in the NBA. You shouldn’t be surprised when he rivals with the best point guards in Europe. He has by far the best shots of most uprising players and knows he is good and consequently he endeavours to prove it. He trains eight hours daily and believes the reward to hard work is success.

Aristides Mouafa has spent three years playing basketball in Italy. He is among several excellent talents in the youth team of AS Stella Azzurra’s.

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