The count down to the 2019 women’s World cup is on and as the Lioness kicked off for France, some of them have promised to do all they can to defend Cameroon.

Speaking to after their 1-0 victory in a test match at home, they assured their determination to keep Cameroon’s hopes alive.

To Henriette Michelle Akaba, “The fact that I left my club during the championship and came here to prepare for the world cup, I think I have advanced. I know I have set the standards and I am ready to represent the nation.”

Michelle’s teammate Michaela Abam believes more in fruits from a collective game. “We continue to learn from each other and continue to develop a good play style. We are definitely not finished, we are not gone so it’s good. I’m excited that I still have many ways to go as an individual but besides, I have some great players to help me in this. I am very blessed to be here and can just promise Cameroonians to be expecting a game of passion. We have prepared and they can look forth for what will come next.”

As the France boulevard approach, Cameroonians and football lovers in particular have as aspirations to see an indomitable lioness squad with spectacular performance.

Mangek Promise Ngum