The head coach of the Women’s National team of Cameroon Alain Djeumfa has announced the country’s final World Cup squad for next month’s World Cup tournament in France.


Annette Ngo Ndom – Amazones FAP 🇨🇲
Isabelle Mambingo – AS GREEN CITY 🇨🇲
Ongmahan Marthe- AS AWA FF 🇨🇲


Augustine Ejangue Siliki- Arna-Bjørnard🇳🇴
Manie Christine – AS Nancy Lorraine🇫🇷
Marie Awona – FC Dijon 🇫🇷
Leuko Chibosso – Strasbourg Vauban 🇫🇷
Meffometou Tcheno – Guingamp 🇫🇷
Isis Sonkeng – Amazones FAP 🇨🇲
Estelle Johnson – Sky Blue 🇺🇸


Feudjio Raissa – Granadilla Tenerife 🇪🇸
Jeannette Ngock Yango – Saint Malo 🇫🇷
Marlyse Ngo Ndoumbouk – AS Nancy 🇫🇷
Abena Therese – Louves MinProff 🇨🇲
Meyong Menene Charlene – Louves MinProff 🇨🇲
Ngo Mbeleck Genevieve – Amazones FAP 🇨🇲


Enganamouit Gaelle – Unattached
Aboudi Onguene Gabrielle – CSKA Moscow 🇷🇺
Ajara Njoya – Valerenga IF 🇳🇴
Ngono Mani Michèle – Ambily 🇫🇷
Abam Michaela – Paris FC 🇫🇷
Takounda Engolo – Éclair de Sa’a 🇨🇲
Akaba Edoa Michèle – Amazones FAP 🇨🇲

The squad of 26 players that is in camp in Spain had 3 of it’s members; Mpey Christina Besong,Easther Mayi Kith,Ada Jacquette dropped from the final cut.

The forwards Ada of Amed Sport in Turkey and Mpey of Louves Minproffs plus French side Montpelier’s defender Easther Mayi Kith will have to return home and prepare for another chance in the future.

Mpey was Cameroon’s leading scorer in last year’s COSAFA Invitational tournament in South Africa and scored Cameroon’s lone goal in the farewell game before the team left for Spain but the Young forward will have to stay patient and wait for her chance to appear at a major competition for Country.

Ada Jacquette on the back of a season were she followed up her 14 goals for Besiktas last season with 7 goals this season for her new outfit Amed S.K didn’t show enough to earn a place in the team.

Therefore just like in 2015 the 27 year old striker will have to remain patiently for her chance in future.

Young defender Easther Mayi Kith,22 will not jump into the World Cup immediately as she has been left out.
The Montpeillier HSC center back will unfortunately not be in the Cameroon squad as the head coach has opted for experienced defenders Christine Mani,Marie Aurelle Awona,Ysis Sonkeng,Leuko Patrice Chibosso, Meffoumettou Tcheno Falone, Ejangue Augustine Siliki and debutant Estelle Laura Johnson.

In the Midfield Raissa Feudjio,23 will lead a group of Midfielders with Marlyse Ngo Ndoumbouk,Ngock Yango Grace,Abena Ninon Catherine,Ngo Mbeleck Genevieve and Charlene Meyong Menene.

In the front line Aboudi Onguene Gabrielle, Henriette Michele Akaba Edoa, Gaelle Enganamouit,Magdeleine Ngono Mani, Alexandre Takounda, Michaela Abam and Nchout Njoya Ajara.

The squad has 16 of the 23 players that participated in the 2015 World Cup tournament in Canada

Angu Lesley

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