Part Two of the Document Signed by the Secretary General of FIFA,Fatma Samoura

The secretary General of the World’s Football governing body,Fatma Samoura has written to the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) informing the body to find lasting solutions the problems of unpaid Salaries owed Footballers in Cameroon beginning the 2017/2018 season.


The Syndicate of Professional Footballers in Cameroon(SYNAFOC) in association with FIFPro first brought the issue to the limelight 2 weeks ago when the two institutions wrote to FIFA and FECAFOOT citing the names of 24 League One and Two club’s that had not completely or partially respected their financial obligations with players in the 2017/2018.

The SYNAFOC documents carries the names of the following clubs;

League One:

1)TKC Yaounde
2) Dragon Yaounde
3) Unisport Bafang
4)AS Fortuna Mfou
5) Feutcheu FC Bandjoun
6)New Stars of Douala
7)Fovu of Baham
8)Union Sportive Douala
9)Astres of Douala
10)Colombe Dja
11)APEJES Mfou
12)Avion Nkam
13)PWD of Bamenda

Speaking to over the weekend,the president of PWD of Bamenda,Pascal Abunde insisted his club had done no wrong and went further to say they operated a cash remuneration scheme which was respected by the club last season,SYNAFOC and players are still to react to that.

In League Two;

1) AS Matelots
2)National Polytechnic
3)Cosmos of Mbam
5)AS Etoa Meki
6)Canon Yaounde
7)Ngaoundere University
8)Bang Bullets FC
9)Renaissance FC
10)Racing Bafoussam
11)Aigle Royal

All owe players.

It is now on FECAFOOT and these 24 clubs to find away out of this before FIFA revisits the case in a fourthnight.

Angu Lesley

@angulesley on Twitter