The world Football governing body,FIFA have adopted improved measures to kill any surviving stain on the image of the beautiful game.

The innovations will require that a draw be conducted for players to determine which players will be tested after full time.This draw will be conducted without the public or media presence at half time in the presence of representatives of teams involved.

These officials will get a notification of the results of the draw and be a part of the process to identify the players and ensure they report to the doping room for control immediately after the full time whistle.

“The new draw process is considered to meet both [the World Anti-Doping Agency’s] strict requirements, according to which testing must be conducted with no advance notice, and the necessity to safeguard the integrity and transparency of the draw process,” the letter states.

FIFA member associations will each receive the new directions adopted on Monday.

Sources have quoted FIFA’s deputy secretary General for Administration who hinted on the content of the letter to be sent to the various FA’s.

Under the 2018 edition of the regulations, the draw “usually takes place in the doping control room 15 minutes before the end of the match”.

The document goes on: “Fifteen minutes before the end of the match the FIFA doping control officer shall then indicate on the doping control form the name and number of the player and sign the form himself and have the representative of the team sign it.

“The FIFA doping control officer shall then hand the relevant copies of the form to the representative of each team.

“The green copies of the doping control form shall be handed over to the FIFA match commissioner or the FIFA general coordinator who is sitting at the touchline.”

The letter from Bell reminds member associations that they are “obliged to adopt the FIFA Anti-Doping Regulations within their own jurisdiction.

Former French International Samir Nasri just returned to competitive Football last week after he was sanctioned by FIFA due to the use of drugs.

Angu Lesley