Coach Fidelis Ilechukwu on a sports show on radio this morning said though the management of heartland gave a continental ticket target but his target is to ensure stability of the team.

The Ex-MFM coach while speaking to a monitored Sports sho by , said he doesn’t know the heartland players that much so the task now is to have a stable team.

The coach who is also known as the ‘working one’ signed a two years deal on Monday and hopes to get working immediately to ensure he knows the team.

Moreover, Ilechukwu laughed off the question of the worth of the deal but said ”The governor said he will smile and he has started smiling.”

As the league has been announced to start on September 22, 2019, Ilechukwu realises there is much to do and has to start working.

‘I should have a break for two weeks or so but I need to get working as soon as possible.” He said.

When asked which player will move with him from his ex club, he said he may take one player but will not like to take players with him to avoid unnecessary issues from those that may misinterpret issues.

By Uche Dozie