Board members of the Cameroon volleyball federation (FECAVOLLEY) have held their routine board meeting on Saturday 19/01/2019 in Yaounde to discuss key issues that will guide the federation and it’s activities for the coming season.

The serene deliberations began at 10:22 AM chaired by the president of the federation.At the end of the board meeting at 1:44 PM,the following resolutions were adopted.

Back view of a section of the board members

Resolution 1: During the 2019 season, the Federation will cover 50 to 100% of the travel costs of teams for the sectoral championships, depending on the Federation’s revenues.

Resolution 2: From the 2019 season onwards, all athletes participating in the activities of the Cameroon Volleyball Federation must hold a sports licence, including veterans and learners from volleyball schools.

Resolution 3: The Cameroon Volleyball Federation will organize an annual tournament of volleyball schools. This tournament will be reserved for young players who do not participate in regional or sectoral championships.

Resolution 4:
The finals of the 2020 CAMTEL
VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONSHIP will be played at the gymnasium currently under construction in the city of Ngaoundéré.

Resolution 5: The members of the Board of Directors ask the President of the Cameroon Volleyball Federation(Serge Abouem) to channel the challenges of the federation to the Minister of Sports and Physical Education(Narcisse Kombi Moule), with emphasis on the current and future challenges of Cameroonian volleyball, in order to see CVBF benefit from subsidies from the State of Cameroon.

Resolution 6: The members of the Board of Directors of the Cameroon Volleyball Federation asked the President of the Federation to write to the Minister of Sports and Physical Education to request for the resumption and smooth running of the regional volleyball league in the Littoral region.

Board members thinking and inking of points in the course of the session.

Resolution 7: The Board of Directors shall adopt the budget presented by the Executive Board for the 2019 sports season at the amount of two billion six hundred and fifty-two million CFA francs (2,652,000,000 CFA francs).

The Cameroon Volleyball federation has been on a steady growth within the last few years.The federation won the African Championship in 2017 through it’s senior Women’s team guided by coach Jean Rene Akono ending the long dominance of Kenya in the continent and still under president, Serge Abouem in 2018 the men’s and women’s team participated in their respective world cups.

Officials of the FECAVOLLEY brainstorming to pave way for future success

Starting on a good note early in the year like this only send joy down the spines of the 2017 African champions,Raissa Naisser,Koulla Nadege,Laetitia Moma Bassoka from their different corners of the world as their federation paves way for future successes.

Angu Lesley