Augustine Choupo

The journey of coach Augustine Tchoupo and PWD of Bamenda came to an abrupt end on the 1st of August 2019, after he was handed the job only on March 29, 2019.

The experienced gaffer was at the helm of PWD for just 4 months and some days.

Coach Tchoupo on the mic of was full of praises and respect for the club though he only heard and saw the information on social media like every other person.

“Good I have already got information through Facebook and Whatsapp that the PWD of Bamenda executives do not want to continue the adventure with me. I want to thank all the suporters of PWD for their support and wish PWD of Bamenda the best in this new 2019/2020 season. I like this team specially for their supporters, thank you once again, you will forever be in my heart”.

In those 4 months with the club, the coach had an emotional rollercoaster with the team from the moment he was kidnapped (5th April 2019), to the end of the campaign when himself and PWD players were in doubts on if they had retained their top flight status or they had been relegated.

The master tactician took PWD from a precarious position and breath fresh life into a distraught team that was left by Tougem Jean Baptiste. Many who watched PWD in the first half of the season knew the team was headed to their uncompromising doom before Tchoupo occurred, changing the fortunes and the mentality of the club to a winning one.

His record spells 4 wins, 5 draws and two defeats in 11 games.

Here is how he changed the pace in that fast and furious second round of the season;

PWD 1-0 New Stars
Avion 1-0 PWD
PWD 1-1 Coton sports
Dragon Yaounde 1-0 PWD

Relegation playoffs:

PWD 3-2 New Stars
Unisport 0-0 PWD
Fovu Club 0-0 PWD
Astres FC 0-0 PWD

PWD of Bamenda is yet to name their new coach this campaign but they have already started their preseason sessions.