Farida bearing down on opposition defenders

2019 Portuguese Women’s League Champion Farida Machia has broken the silence to clarify recent controversial developments about her absence in the Cameroon squad heading to France this summer for Women’s World Cup.

The versatile forward has been controversially omitted from the team picked by Lionesses head coach Alain Djeumfa despite featuring 25 times in all competitions for newest Portuguese League Champions Sporting Braga.

The former AS FAP woman made 17 starts in 19 League games played for Sporting Braga from which she scored 5 goals and provided 6 assists helping Braga to the Boavista League title in addition to the super cup the club had won earlier in the season.

Since Farida’s omission from the list of 27 Lionesses despite initially receiving an invitation, there have been some distressing claims on social and mainstream media about her absence from the list.

Ranging from some sections of the media saying she declined honouring the call to defend country and others going as far as claiming her family was asked to pay for her to pay money to get a spot in the National team.

Reacting to the above claims Farida had this to say;

Q: What do you think accounted for your not being in the National Team that’s preparing for the World Cup??

Farida: I think everybody can make their own logical comments,I got an invitation from the FA,it was sent to my club,my club replied and nobody ever wrote a reply to my club till date,I honestly don’t know what happened along the line,all I know is that am not in the team and I respect that decision and keep working for the future though it’s been very tough on me.

To me am still trying to comprehend, it’s too tough for me to understand because I have always worked to be in the National team but I doubled my effforts this time around,it’s my vision goal and I think I came closest this time around,I am only sad I didn’t get a chance to prove my ability.

Q: There is a section of the media of the media that’s speculating that money was asked to bring you to the national team and another say you preferred your club for Country when you were called up,your comment on that??

Farida:If anyone knows our family and knows my entourage especially my Dad then the person will testify that it’s not part of our ethics,it’s not in our DNA.To the best of my knowledge the federation has never said that to my Dad, I have to keep working and believing God and hardwork will give me my chance.

In terms of preferring to stay with my club,you know how this things works,there is a protocol on how to get players from their clubs.When you invite a player to camp you work with the club to find a window to get the player released but like I said above I don’t think my club got a reply after reacting to the invitation. The protocol was not complete,I have worked all my life to represent my country, Farida  never Machia will deny defending the colours of Cameroon as the media is saying,no football player I will deny playing at the World Cup talkless of playing for my country. I think there is a misunderstanding somewhere and believe my interest of serving my country remains the same.

Q:Going forward what are your club and National team objectives?

Farida: My objective is all about winning trophies, next season I will try to win more trophies,I want to help my club to win the League again.I believe enjoyed my best football this season playing 25 matches was made sweeter when we won the league.I want to win the champions league, I know that sounds rediculous but to me it’s all about trophies,I want to win the AFCON with my country if I get the chance, I remain positive. My friends going to France have my support,I will follow everything closely and think the girls will have a great tournament.

I really didn’t want to comment on this issue because I respect the decisions of the coaches but I must thank your media for this opportunity to clarify Cameroonians who have been using different ways to get to me to expresses their grievances especially on the rumour that I refused to come and defend Fatherland“; Farida added

While on the books on FAP Farida represented Cameroon in the military World Cup and got to the semi Final. She has also won 2 caps for Cameroon but has not been invited to the national team since the start of the Post Enow Ngachu era.

Angu Lesley

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