Vassilios Esseme has replaced Coach Ina Ngassa as the man at the helm of struggling Avion of the Nkam.

Club’s in Cameroon’s premiere division have resorted to parting ways with their coaches when the going gets tough. The latest to have received the sledgehammer is coach Ina Ngassa of Avion-due to a poor run of form; after starting the league in strong fashion his team stepped their foot off the gas pedal, so the club in an attempt to get the ‘bounce’ effect sought the services of coach Olivier Vassilios Esseme. in a long and extensive chart got the first tete a tete with the gaffer a day after their zero all parity with Union sportive of Douala.

The coach steadily insisted on having a chance to stay up ” we have to note that Avion is an academy and some players are playing at this level for the first time. The league is extremely difficult, but my players are also determined to stay at this level”.

“I am not sure we have reached full potentials with the results_especially when you look at some of the points we dropped. We played well against Apejes, created chances, but loosed against them and TKC in the same frustrating 1-0 fashion”.

Coach Olivier Esseme has been around for four games, loosed 2, won 1 against Dragon, and recently shared the spoils with Union.

The gaffer insisted there’s still hope “we want to stay at this level, nothing is lost yet_looking at the current situation of the group, Coton lead’s the group with 19 points and we are with 14 points_so if we win our 3 games we have a chance of staying up”.

It is clear that the club created in 2012, now have a strong possibility staying up because of the immense experience their new coach has. Avion would trade blows with newly revamped PWD of Bamenda and Augustine Chouppo, who also replaced Tougem Jean Baptist about 3 weeks ago as new coach of PWD.

The profile of Olivier Esseme is already a call for concern especially to the PWD supporters as they log horns with Avion in the Limbe Centenary stadium come Sunday, April 14, 2019_below are some of the accolades of the man PWD would take on.

Born in 1970, coach Olivier played football in Cameroon from 1985 to 2001 in 6 local teams: 1985-1986 Etoile de Mbanga
1986-1987 Fraternite’ de Douala
1987-1988 Oryx de Douala
1988-1990 Aigle de Nkongsamba
1990-1991 stade de Melong
1991-1996 Caiman de Douala
1996-1998 Oryx Douala
1998-2001 Aigle Nkongsamba

The passion of the game pushed the ‘conductor’ into the art of coaching

Olivier Esseme started coaching in 2001, and he has applied his brains in and around the continent:Leopard, Douala, Victoria United, Oryx Douala, Caiman, Dynamo. At the Elite 1 level, he oversaw Caiman in the Elite 1_2008, assistant head coach of New stars 2013, and TKC head coach 2010.

Internationally, the gaffer has acted as the man at the helm in several teams; Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and he’s currently one of those retained in the list of coaches to lead the U15 and U23 of Burkina Faso.