Coach Oscar's Pre-match Presser ( images)


Serengeti boys head Coach Oscar Mirambo has told that the gravity of John Kelvin’s Injury will only be determined by the doctors as he was rushed to the hospital as a result of pains in the hips following a first half foul from Ndzie Fabrice.

Contrary to what was already trending on social media about the temper of the game, Coach Oscar refused to subscribe to the argument that the Cameroon team approached the game with a bad temper;
I think East Africans have to change their mentality,we have to enter football games as a fight and in the game,you use all means available to win, that’s what we saw today. The referees that handled the game are professional referees,so we have to accept their decisions and move on,injuries are a part of Football”.

Other sources close to the Serengeti boys have told that Edmund didn’t sustain a bad injury but will need some days off.

Tanzania beat Cameroon by 2 goals to 1 in the game and will face Rwanda in their next encounter on Thursday before returning home to prepare for the coming of 7 other nations for the 2019 Under 17 AFCON.


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