Two coaches of the highest level, Foe Owono and Atangana Ngandi oversaw the victory of FAP to the Cameroon cup finals on Wednesday, after they agonizingly missed out of the playoffs for League 1 promotion in the regular season.

On the 19 of June 2019, FAP swept aside AS Etoa Meki by 4-1 in the high profile Cameroon Cup semi finals match between two league 2 teams who were wishing to make history. FAP and Etoa Meki were trying to earn the rights to play the Cameroon cup finals against Dragon or Stade Renard and at the end, FAP and Stade Renard were the chosen ones. got to the two tactical brains doing the background work, and Foe Owono, U17 winner as Ekoi Manfred’s goalkeeping had these to say concerning FAP’s fairytale run:” truly, my impression is one of happiness for all the work we have been doing all season, and that we arrived the finals does not surprise me because we saw it coming”.

Coach Foe Owono continued “at the beginning our ambitions were to play the playoffs “up” and finals of the Cameroon cup”.

Then, came the much awaited answer for the question everyone has been asking; first, the question_people say you bring luck to your teams, is that true? With a good old laughter he replied:” let’s say it is a season of luck. You saw with the U17 we won because we prepared well for long and I think that the same thing happened with FAP, I think God’s hand is involved in the case of my success”.

Makeshift coach, Atangana Ngandi who recently joined FAP as a back up for Alain Djeumfa, out for international duties added:”I have a great satisfaction. When I arrived FAP it wasn’t an easy task. I met a team that wasn’t the best psychologically and it is from that level that I started working_with them psychologically and then the rest followed. We can only be happy to make the finals of the Cameroon cup”.

The gaffer praised his players in general and Che Emmanuel in particular “he is a good player, I’ve always seen him play from a distance but today I have the possibility to see a player of that standard with us. He is technical, he is fantastic. We only hope to win the finals “.

The two coaches have absolutely been spot on with their dispositions from start to finish.

Atangana Ngandi has been working wonders in Cameroon football in the last few years. He got FC Yaounde 2 promoted to the top flight as League 2 Champions 2 years ago and he is closing in on another trophy this season.

FAP would play Stade Renard in the final in a date still to be announced.