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Question by Njie Enow Ebai of CRTV

First AFCON, your move to the top has been exceptional. Just a year to the national team and you are in the AFCON. How does it feel, being part of this group; cognisant of the fact that Cameroon are the defending African champions.

Answer: Cameroon midfielder, Kunde Malong

Well, thanks for the complement. I think I fit into the group because we are all professional footballers, and this has been like one of my dreams since I started playing football. You know, since I started having that feeling that I could one day play professional football_it has been one of my dreams. So, me being here now is like a dream come true, and I am really happy to be here to defend my country. And yeah, we are the actual champions, so it is a great privilege for us to defend the country in this tournament.

Question by Njie Enow Ebai of CRTV

Cameroon started the tournament on a high with a win against Guinea-Bissau 2-0, the next opponent is Ghana_a team that Cameroon played last tournament in the semi’s. It ended 2-0_the Ghanaians played a 2-2 draw against Benin, how are you looking forward to that game, Especially when you know that Ghana and Benin played a two all tie yesterday.

Answer by Kunde Malong;

Well, actually, it was great to win the first game. You know, in a competition like this the first matches are always like the most important ones, so we picking up a victory yesterday was really great. Against Ghana, we are still going to go for a win because the more you win the more victories come. That is how you keep the chain of winning so, we are going to play against Ghana; they are tough opponent’s. because they didn’t win their first game. They drew it, they are coming with all and we are also going with all, to try and see how we can win because we would like to win all our games and try to win the competition.

Question by Football writer, Angu Lesley of Kick442.com

How has the preparation impacted the performance so far, after the first game in this tournament.

We have been preparing for the past three weeks for this moment so it didn’t start yesterday, yesterday was just like okay, the starting day for us and okay_we are very happy because we won and I think we have been preparing ever since not just yesterday.

Question: Angu Lesley of Kick442.com

Less than 10 years ago you were playing secondary school football at GTHS Tiko and here we are today in the AFCON, in the most successful country in African football in Egypt, are you thinking about all of this?

Off course the past makes us who we are. I always think about my life 5 and 10 years back, family, me playing secondary school games, and now I just feel like I am blessed representing my country in one of the most important tournaments in Africa. I always reflect on the past to stay strong and also think of the future.

Question by Angu Lesley of Kick442.com

Talk to us about the competition in your compartment of the Cameroon team.

Answer by Kunde Malong

Well, i think we have good players and it is difficult to play in the Cameroonian team because we have good players who play at top level so you have to be mentally strong, work hard, and wait for your own moment. It is a competition. We have a lot of matches so we are just like really ready for our moment to prove ourselves and defend our country.

Question by Angu Lesley of Kick442.com

Playing under Clarence Seedorf: great, great! midfielder in his playing days how do you feel? And what are you taking from him as information?

It is a privilege.He was a midfielder like me so he always teaches me his ways, I try to implement them when I play during training and yeah, he helps me with other talks and try to keep me focus during this tournament.

The Best Stars academy graduate is one of many players to have started their steps to glory at Best Stars Academy.
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