After Cameroon’s 3-1 defeat to the Netherlands in the second round of matches in the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup, a video emerged on French television, TFI a showing Cameroon defender, Estelle Johnson watching as her sister accepted a marriage proposal in the stands.

The 31-year-old Sky Blue FC player who was by then playing her second competitive game for country was not just emotional for for nothing; the lady that was proposed to, was her sister.

The fine defender with a heart of gold could not keep her emotions in check,watching her sister making big strides unperturbed into matrimony. Despite the fact that Estelle was on the back of losing a game, the excitement was imminent on her face with tears of joy, as the Cameroonian fans in the stands started chanting repeatedly, Cameroon, Cameroon!.

Johnson took some of her inspiration from there and moving forward, she was simply outstanding in the tournament.

The rock solid defender whom everyone thought was going to be too soft, exceeded all expectations and was one of the few players who played 360 minutes for the Lionnesses in the ongoing Women’s World cuCp_a journey that ended controversially at the round of 16 against England.