Liverpool and Cameroonian center half Joel Matip has made a big move with his personal life after making a big move to the Champions league final. The defensive midfeilder who was converted to a center back has engaged long time girlfriend and sweetheart, Larisa Stollenwek.

There is no better timing to propose to a lady. Joel kept Messi within his sights for 90 minutes; possibly the best player in the world had one of those evenings where nothing was going for him courtesy Matip.

The pair have been together for quite a while, showcasing their romance on social media platforms. Matip once stated that,” during my injury, we watched all of the red’s games together! The two of us sat on a couch and supported as much as we could”, in an exclusive interview gotten from in 2017.

The 27-year-old is having a time of his life with a steady progress in all aspects of life. If all and sundry goes well in the all English finals that would be staged in Madrid on June 1st_then who knows, Joel might just slate a date for the wedding already. Congratulations Joel! wishes the couple a ‘happy ever after’ and that exciting feeling of butterflies in the stomach.