Football fanatics are somewhat confused to what transpired on the 26 and 27; the dates slatted for the Elite 1 and 2 to begin. The head of the Cameroon Professional football league said “the club’s that are not playing would be declared forfeit. Our committee in charge of this would try to resolve the problems of forfeit. I hope that in the second match day, there would be no forfeit because if there’s a second forfeit, it makes a general forfeit for those club’s and they would be sent to the regional levels”.

After long periods of non-action, the league was set to commence this weekend. The delay itself got fans asking on how the season would be called ; 2018/19 season or 2019/20 season?.

Pierre Semengue is sure he is handling things the right way, but the club Presidents and their Syndicate stay disgruntled. As a result of Pierre Semengue not adhering to the wishes of the Syndicate, 13 club’s were totally absent from match day 1, but for Coton Sport of Garoua, Colombe of Dja Lobo, Feutcheu football club, who showed up, but couldn’t play because their opponents boycotted the game. According to the Secretary General of the Elite 1 the club’s that declared forfeit would not be second time lucky. It remains to be seen if these club presidents crack under pressure, or stay glued to their thoughts.

The nation’s football is in a conundrum and this is the best time for the ‘god’s of football’ to intervene, that’s if there’s any.

Giovanni Wanneh.