Union Sportive Douala Starting XI against PWD

By Giovanni Wanneh

Sports Writer, Kick442.com – Cameroon

Union Sportive of Douala have splashed the cash, bringing back that phycology of the “galacticos” with several big names being acquired: Anteh Franklin, Serge Digel, Francis Bailang, Innocent Assana and Serge Andolou to name a few were recruited in the transfer window. For Dragon of Yaounde, not much has been done in terms of bringing in but they have lost: goalkeeper Haschou Kerrido, left back Din Guillaume and star man Serge Malolo. It is yet to be seen how the Dragons cope without those 3 key players who spat fire last time out.

Hostilities resume on October 18 in the Cameroon premier League and the Dragon of Yaounde against Union Sportive of Douala is one to keep an eye on.


Though it is the first game, the Cameroon league one has shown fans in recent times that the league could be made or lost from the first game. New Star of Douala was the unfortunate team to learn this with a 3-1 opening day loss to Colombe, which saw them relegated at the end of the season. A win by either side brings in maximum confidence.

Head to Head

These two have met 10 times in the last 4 years (2015-2019).

2015: USD 2-1 Dragon

Dragon 2-0 USD

2016: Dragon 0-0 USD

USD 2-1 Dragon

2017: USD 1-0 Dragon

Dragon 1-1 USD

2018: Dragon 1-2 USD

USD 3-0 Dragon

2019: USD 0-0 Dragon

Dragon 0-0 USD

In the last 10 encounters, Union Sportive of Douala have had the lion share of victories (5) while Drogon have recorded a single victory, way back, in the return leg at home in 2015.

Performance last season

Dragon of Yaounde punched above their heights last season with a second place finish in the regular season, just 3 points off Cotonsport and one place below them in group A. Dragon eventually played the championship playoff and emerged with 2 draws, 1 win and 1 defeat.

Union Sportive of Douala was uncharacteristically playing last term to avoid the drop. The 2011/12 league one champions survived the clutches of relegation as they won 2 of their playoff games, shared the spoils in another 2 – and swallowed 1 defeat.

Players to Watch

Football lovers would like to see the rebirth of former Cotonsport man Innocent Assana, who did Marvelous things last 2 seasons with Cotonport. The Nassara Gamakai have equally done some good business acquiring. Serge Andolou. It would be interesting to see how he embraces that left back role occupied last season by John Efufa, a right footed player.

Dragon of Yaounde have not done much business and would rely on old defensive guard Fernandinho Makembe and Thomas Peleg to cover in the absence of Haschou Kerrido.

New Signings for Dragon Yaounde;

Head Coach-🇨🇲François Ngoumou

🇨🇲Foe Joseph (Djibouti)

🇨🇲Eluna (Guinea Equatoriale)

🇨🇲Eya (AS Etoa Meki)

🇨🇲Ngumbous (AS Etoa Meki)

🇨🇲Salah Ahmed (AS Etoa Meki)

Mbah (Jeunesse Ngoulemakong)

🇨🇲Nkotto (Fortuna/Colombe)

🇨🇲Bouyaga (Scout Universal)

🇨🇲Messobo (Scout Universal)

🇨🇲Angnegne (Green Star)

🇨🇲Belobo(Green Star)

🇨🇲Yannick Noah(Accinfoot)

🇨🇲Belobo(Green star)

🇨🇲Noa Ayissi Gérard Lionel (Canon sportif de Yaoundé)

🇨🇲Embo 2 Dimitri
(Newstars of Douala)

🇨🇲Mboma Adrien (Yong Sport of Bamenda)

15) Union Sportive of Douala

Head Coach:🇨🇲Daniel Wallinjom

New Signings for USD:

🇨🇲Anteh Frankline Akupia (Midfielder, Unisport)

🇨🇲Serge Andoulou (Defender, Cotonsport)

🇨🇲Innocent Assana Nah(Midfielder, Cotonsport)

🇨🇲Che Malon (Defender, Free Agent)

🇨🇲Francis Bailang (Midfielder, Eding Sport)

🇳🇪Serge Diguel (Goalkeeper, YOSA)

🇳🇪Romeo Otodjibaye (Midfielder, YOSA)

Both sides can line up a new team in this one.

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