By Giovanni Wanneh

Sports Writer, – Cameroon

Due to his abrupt arrest on 31st January 2018 under charges of multiple statutory rapes, Malmö terminated Sarfo’s contract on 12th June 2018, and he might take a long while to be psychologically back to fitness after he was found innocent last week.

The Ghanaian international midfield Juggernaut Kingsley Sarfo is a free man indeed after spending the last twenty-two months behind bars in Sweden, but his reputation and image is left without repairs.

Sarfo has his attorney to thank for the persistent push for his release since the horror incident in 2018.

The Malmö district court has ruled that the midfielder can remain in his residence in Sweden and would not be immediately repatriated after the jail term as earlier indicated, which is not even enough of a mental booster.

24-year-old Sarfo told Ghana’s Angel FM on Thursday that: ” I am now out of prison in Sweden, I was released five days back. I thank the almighty God for this great day. Thanks to my fans, family, friends and everyone for their unflinching support and prayers during the hard times,” the youngster finished.

The former Malmö FC midfielder was charged with rape of an under-aged girl said to be 14 but it was later discovered the damsel was a 15-year-old not considered as under-aged in Sweden.

Sarfo is perhaps unfortunate to have gotten entangled in this mess at a time when he was getting international recognition and handed his maiden national team call up for the FIFA World Cup qualifier against Uganda by coach Kwesi Appiah.

It is left to be seen if Malmö as well as the Ghanaian national team can forgive and take the youngster whose talent without a shadow of doubt is unquestionable.


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