Infrastructure deficit has been identified as a major reason the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) is not being broadcast on television.

Shehu Dikko, chairman of the League Management Company has offered explanation in a recent interview where he stated that the absence of required infrastructure has made it very expensive to produce NPFL matches for live broadcast on television.

There have been clamours by football enthusiasts as regards the NPL matches being shown on TV in order to make the popular and improve the image of the league.

To produce just one game of the NPFL will cost as much as N15 million for a standard coverage that will meet minimum standards.
This cost is because of infrastructure challenges and stuff like that”.

So we are taking our time working round the clock to put in place all that we need to have a good production and to ensure that we resolved the problem such that we won’t encounter any hitch in the future. It’s definitely not easy but doable”.

The objective is to produce all the NPFL matches for live broadcast. If you want to do that, each one will cost about N15 million, which means that each MatchDay will cost N150 million. Where is that money going to come from? So we have to put our thinking caps to get round this situation”.

By Uche Dozie
Twitter: Uchedozie3