Five New Clubs have graduated into the North West Regional Championship from the various Divisional championships in the Region in to add to National Polytechnic of Bambui that was relegated from second tier competition giving the league 6 New Comers for the upcoming season.

Amongst the Newly promoted clubs is ambitions
Universal Soccer Academy with their ever willing CEO,Bar.Soppo Ngwa plus Nkwen FC,SIMAF Academy,Mankon United,Akam Sports Academy are the New boys added to the 15 clubs that were in the championship last season taking the number of clubs involved to 21 clubs.

The complete List of clubs contain the following names.

1)Bafmeng United

2)Kumbo strikers FC

3)Kumbo highlanders FC

4)Dzekwa rangers FC

5)Ndop rice FC

6)Ebaidino international FC

7)Grassland FC

8)Rainbow FC

9)Santos FC

10)Foncha Street FC

11)Tatecam FC

12) FC Bamenda

13)Rangers FC

14)Hilltop Strikers

15)Highland Rangers Santa

16)Universal Soccer Academy

17)Nkwen FC

18)SIMAF Academy,

19)Mankon United

20)Akam Sports Academy

21)National Polytechnic of Bambui.

The League’s officials have moved to their new office as they continue to wait for clubs that have not registered to come and do so ahead of the League’s General assembly and kick off of the New Season.

Angu Lesley

@angulesley on Twitter