understands that,Former Head coach of the Under 20 Lions of Cameroon,Ashu Besong Cyprain is in advanced negotiations to replace German Tactician,Ait Abdelmalek as head coach of the Senior National selection of South Sudan. gathered Coach Ashu’s entourage under Africa Sports Management have held talks with the officials of Football in South Sudan and the deal could be sealed early next Month.

The former Liecester City, Northampton,Barnet FC Youth team coach has spent much of his days in the business of Football in England where he obtained a UEFA “A” Licence under the FA of the country.

He previously guided the Under 20 team of Cameroon between 2016-2018 and took the team to Zambia for the the AFCON in that category.

Besides the above mentioned experiences,Ashu has been around other clubs as a coach and played in the Bundes Liga for clubs like Borussia Monchenglabach, and in Cameroon for PWD of Bamenda amongst others.

Recruiting 50 year old Ashu Bessong is certainly a big catch for South Sudan.

Angu Lesley

@angulesley on Twitter