Volleyball Lioness battle for points

By Giovanni Wanneh

Sports Writer, Kick442.com – Cameroon

Cameroon’s volleyball championship of both the men and women’s category is set to begin on Saturday, October 12, 2019.

Full program

There are 4 groups involved: Group A – D, with 13 teams taking part in this year’s tourney

Group A


Group B




Group C




Group D





Only group D is made up of 4 teams while group A-C consists of 3 teams each.

Kick-off Date: October 12

Time: 8:00 am

1, D1 Eagles Vs D4 Efoulan – Group D

2, D2 Nek Vs D3 Dauphine – Group D

3, C2 Goudalis Vs C3 Fap – Group C

4, B2 Bafang Vs B3 Mountain – Group B

5, A2 AJVM Vs A3 Garoua – Group A

October 13

8:00 am

C1 As Messamena Vs C2 Goudalis – Group C

7, D1 Eagles Vs D2 Nek – Group D

8, A1 INJS Vs A3 Garoua – Group A

9, D3 Dauphine Vs D1 Eagles – Group D

10, D2 Nek Vs D4 Dauphine – Group D


Resumes November 11

8:00 am

11, A1 INJS Vs A2 AJVM – Group A

12, B1 BVE Vs B2 Bafang – Group B

13, C3 FAP Vs C1 A.s Messamena – Group C

14, B3 Mountain Vs B1 BVE – Group B

15, D4 Efoulan Vs D3 Dauphine – Group D

November 10

8:00 am

19, 1st Group A Vs 1st Group D

20, 1st Group B Vs 1st Group C

The year 2019 has been a success story filled with unbridled gaiety as the volleyball Lionesses and Lions reached for the heavens in Egypt and Tunisia respectively.

The women’s Volleyball Lionesses beat rivals Kenya in Egypt, to claim gold in the African women’s volleyball championship while the men were unfortunate beating finalists against hosts Tunisia.

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